Robert Ludlum's “Sigma Protocol” Gearing Up for Big Screen

From the man who invented Jason Bourne comes a new hero - not a highly trained assassin from a top-secret operation, but a regular guy who gets sucked into some international intrigue.

Legendary producer Irwin Winkler and screenwriter Jose Ruisanchez are at work on adapting "The Sigma Protocol," Robert Ludlum's last novel before his death in 2001, reported Deadline.

“What we are really hoping to do is create a franchise, built around this ordinary guy who gets caught up in international intrigue, and who teams with this operative who is declared a rogue by the CIA,” Winkler told Deadline. “Unlike Bourne, who is a trained assassin, this is an innocent guy traveling in Europe who gets in way over his head. And it has all the great Ludlum intrigue.”

Universal's been kicking this thing around to no avail for a decade now, but with their Bourne reboot, "The Bourne Legacy," starring Jeremy Renner, heating up, they probably figure now's a good time to try again to leverage the Ludlum brand.

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