Robots Will Build IPhone 6

Foxconn chief Terry Gou has said that the new iPhone 6 may be made by a "robot army," according to reports.

Foxconn is working on amassing thousands of robot workers, so-called Foxbots, to help build the new iPhone 6, according to the Daily Mail. Gou mentioned the robots in a shareholder meeting. Foxconn makes about 70 percent of the iPhones for Apple.

The $25,000 Foxbots can make 30,000 devices a year, which will likely mean cuts in Foxconn's 1.2 million factory workers in China. With the new iPhone 6 coming later this year, Foxconn is adding 100,000 human workers to handle the rising demand, so the Foxbots will be a welcome addition -- provided they accomplish all that they're supposed to do..

With Foxconn's various labor problems, including worker suicides, robot workers probably seem like a godsend -- but will they be as good as human workers?

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