Ryan Seacrest Reflects on ‘American Idol' History on ‘Tonight Show'

Ryan Seacrest reflected on 15 years of “American Idol” on “The Tonight Show.”

“It’s so sad that the show is ending,” Seacrest told Jimmy Fallon with this 15th season set to be the show's last.

Seacrest has been the single steady element on “American Idol” while other judges came and went. He wasn't always the slick host in a tuxedo. In the early seasons he reflected the boy-band era with his gel-spiked, blonde-tipped hair -- often wearing a v-neck shirt -- and dealt with the emotional fallout that resulted from former host Simon Cowell’s biting criticism of the contenders.

Seacrest’s “Tonight Show” appearance continued with the past as Fallon surprised his guest with a home video showing a very young Seacrest performing a Bon Jovi song.

“It was at that point I decided to host ‘American Idol,’” Seacrest said.

He then went on to illustrate just how long the show has been running.

“I can’t believe we’ve been on for 15 seasons,” he said. “We’ve had kids on who said they were born during season one and now they’re trying to get on the show.”

He continued, “I’ve become that old guy. I want to be that old guy but I don’t want to be that old guy.”

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