Samsung Hires Ex-Apple Retail Designer for Galaxy Stores

Samsung has reportedly hired Apple's former retail store designer to create its line of pop-up Galaxy stores.

Samsung hired Tim Gudgel, an ex-Apple Store designer, to helm the new investment in retail according to GigaOm. Currently, Samsung has invested in pop-up stores, or ministores in malls and retail stores such as Best Buy. With Gudgel on board, Samsung may be looking to invest in more standalone operations.

Samsung, which is one of Apple's rivals in the smartphone and tablet computer markets, manufactures computers, monitors and plenty of tech accessories suitable for a standalone store. Samsung's products also vary in price, although use the Android platform.

Samsung previously hired Apple retail person Michael Forrest, so apparently Samsung felt good about the talent coming from Apple. While there have been lawsuits about similarities between Samsung's products and Apple's, their destinies seem to be irrevocably intertwined. First it started with Samsung as a supplier for Apple, then a manufacturer of its own line of smartphones and tablets, all the while being accused of copying the Cupertino, Calif. company. 

However, in recent years, Samsung's brand has strengthened and made it the No. 1 smartphone manufacturer in the world, beating out Apple.

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