Samsung Wants to Jump on the Google TV Flop Train

TV-maker is reportedly talking to Google about building its set box.

Samsung must be crazy because it's apparently in talks with Google to produce HDTVs with Google TV baked in. Yep, that Google TV.

The one that's only been supported by Sony and Logitech and blocked by major networks everywhere. Talk about jumping on a grenade that's about to detonate!

Reuters is reporting that Samsung Electronics is in "last-stage talks to roll out Google TV" with Yoon Boo-keun, president of Samsung's TV division saying that its product would "differ from those of its competitors."

How Samsung plans to make a different Google TV option is unclear. Right now, consumers have two Google TV options. The first is to buy a Sony HDTV with Google TV software built-in (it just got a upgraded to Android 3.1 with app support. The second option is get a set-top box like Logitech's Revue that comes with a keyboard/trackpad combo.

Neither have been a success and Logitech's even called its Revue "a mistake."

Reuters' report says that Samsung's Google TV product(s) will not be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

I haven't a clue what Samsung is thinking about doing with Google TV's wanky software (still waiting on that Revue update!), but they better have something up its sleeve or else history will repeat itself.

Reuters, via LA Times

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