Samsung's $150K HDTV

Samsung announced it will offer a 110-inch HDTV that will sell for $150,000, according to reports.

The 110-inch TV has four times the resolution as standard HD TVs, or is an ultra HD TV or U-HD TV, according to the Associated Press. Last year, Samsung and LG "touted OLED as the future of TV," but it has failed to catch on. OLED screens are thin and display clearer images and deeper colors, but are very costly to make. 

Demand for ultra HD TV is expected to rise and costs are expected to drop, with sales jumping 1.3 million this year to 23 million in 2017, according to NPD DisplaySearch. Chinese TV makers are making lower-priced and smaller products while Samsung's strategy is to go big or go home.

The 110-inch TV is about 2.6 by 1.8 meters and available in China, the Middle East and Europe, but no information was given on its North American debut. Already Samsung has reported 10 orders from the Middle East.

It would seem that America would be one of the few places that the 110-inch screen TV would be welcome, especially in stadiums, bars, casinos or in the home of a Silicon Valley millionaire. We can't believe that Samsung will keep the device out of this country for long.

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