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Santa Ana High School Student Earns Perfect AP Spanish Exam Score

A high school senior answered every question correctly on her AP Spanish exam

An Orange County high school student answered every question correctly on the advanced placement Spanish exam, becoming one of only 55 students in the world to do so, school district officials said.

Noeli Zarate, a senior at Santa Ana High School, surprised everyone, even herself, when she received a perfect score on her AP Spanish Language and Culture exam.

"I was surprised by the results considering the complexity of the exam," she said, according to a Santa Ana Unified School District news release. "I honestly did not study much because you can't really prepare for it."

Zarate is a native of Guanajato, Mexico and has a GPA of 4.6.

"Noeli embodies the amazing potential that exists in all students if they just begin to look at themselves differently," said Jeff Bishop, principal of Santa Ana High School. "More importantly, even though Noeli is soft spoken, her mere presence gives others permission to do the same."

Though Zarate's grades and test scores have jumped off the charts, she has yet to decide which college she hopes to attend next fall.

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