Santa's Water-Fun Arrivals Are on Their Whimsical Way

The Jolly Old Elf'll be calling upon Tomales Bay, San Diego, and Capitola, too.

SCANNING THE SKY FOR SANTA? It is a time-honored tradition, one practiced by children and former children alike. Keeping an eye out for a sleigh, or a mound of wrapped gifts, or Rudolph's perfectly bright proboscis are all part of the sky-watchery, and believing you've seen something magical, up near the Big Dipper, can be part of that special seasonal magic. But, just after Thanksgiving, people around some parts of the California coastline skip the whole upwards-gazing bit and instead look to the water, and waves, for signs that the Jolly Old Elf is on his sleigh, er, way. For sometimes Santa likes to show up in the daytime, in the Golden State, and he doesn't ask his reindeer to provide direction. Rather, 

HE BOARDS A BOAT, or a surfboard, or outrigger canoe, all to make his, yes, splashy entrance. Where to find Mr. Claus is his more oceanic, H2O-wesome guise? Look to one of his traditional by-water, or close-to-water stops, which are just ahead. Those include Nick's Cove Restaurant, Oyster Bar & Cottages in Marshall, on Tomales Bay, where he will toot-toot in by boat on Sunday, Dec. 2. A toy drive (do show with a toy to donate, if you can) and gratis snaps with Santa are part of the joy. But happening even before that?

CAPITOLA... will welcome Surfin' Santa in his outrigger canoe on Saturday, Nov. 24. Music, chats with Mr. C (post towel-off, natch), and more merriment shall ensue. And because Santa Claus is renowned for his powers of enchantment and moving about, hither and yon, in a flash, he'll also be at Seaport Village in San Diego on that same day. So surf to the shopping destination on Nov. 24 to see Santa in his board shorts and to grab a pic with him, too. Will he have his super rad surfboard nearby, for photos? Such is Surfin' Santa's vibe. More details are here.

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