Sarah and Bristol “The Pistol” Palin Rock the House on “Dancing With the Stars”

Bristol Palin brought the A-game to the floor, and her supporter-in-chief to the audience for the second week of "Dancing with the Stars." The results were positively lethal.

With Sarah Palin sitting in the front row with adorable daughter Piper, it was the most effective P.R. offensive a dance show/popularity contestant you could ever ask for.

And Bristol finished up the job with her professional dance partner Mark Ballas, performing an impressive quickstep dance to the tune of "You Can't Hurry Love."

Despite a smattering of boos, the crowd, the judges and no doubt the home audience mostly ate it up as proud Mama Grizzly looked on at her 19-old daughter. Sarah even revealed a new nickname, dubbing her "Bristol the Pistol" during a courtside interview.

That's a nickname that's going to stick for as long as the 19-year-old is going to stay in the competition.

And there shouldn't be any doubt that the Bristol Palin is going to be a contender.  The two scored a score of 22 out of 30, putting them near the top of the leader board.

Some might say that score was a little inflated (was there a Palin Boost?), especially when Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough are only two points away with 24. It needs to be pointed out, objectively, the Grey-Hough dance was far more polished and amazing than the Palin-Ballas number. But there is only the slightest difference in points.

How Judge Len Goodman can give the same 8 score to both couples sort of boggles the mind especially after he praised Grey so much and then told Palin that "it's not quite there, but it's very, very close."

No matter. Both parties are sure to bust through to next week, while the Palin family charm offensive was firing on all cylinders. Sarah Palin completely wowed in the front row with a surprising witty interview that somehow managed to perfectly incorporate her hockey-Mom image.

When she was asked what she thought of the dance judges, she immediately snapped back: "Before a hockey game, you're not going to chew out the refs before your team is on the ice. They're great."

That comment alone was worth a 10.

Piper looked adorable fiddling with her formal dress and yelling out proudly to her sister from the side.

Bristol seemed to even be breaking out of her shell and didn't seem to totally rely on Ballas to show some personality for the part.

In terms of critique, the judges asked for more, in Goodman's words, "flair." But in most every other aspect, the Palin family brought the fireworks.

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