Scoop: Jon Gosselin Says Marriage Fell Apart in 2008

Reality TV dad says he split from wife last year

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s marriage fell apart in October 2008, and he was living separate from Kate and the kids as early as January 2009, according to a new interview in In Touch weekly.

“Many people think that everything moved too fast, that I was out partying too quickly. But Kate gave up on the marriage last October, and the divorce will be finalized by Sept. 30,” he said during an Aug. 2 interview in New York.

The episode of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” that featured the Gosselins renewing their marriage vows in Hawaii aired Nov. 17, 2008; the In Touch interview doesn’t address whether TLC was aware that the Gosselin’s marriage was on the rocks and TLC didn’t comment.

Jon went on to say that he and Kate flew to Utah on Jan. 1, and on Jan. 12, Kate flew home by herself (with security) and Jon stayed behind. “That’s when I started to just hang out and meet people, and feel free,” he told the magazine. “Not too many girls, just with my guy friends. I couldn’t do that for nine years. When I came back on the 17th, Kate and I weren’t talking. So I just said, ‘I’m moving out of the house,’ and that was it.”

Jon, clearly, has moved on, at least romantically. Although he’s been linked with several different girls, he tells In Touch he’s in love with Hailey Glassman, the daughter of the plastic surgeon who performed Kate’s tummy tuck.

“She is a really cool person. We both like snowboarding and sports. She is like the female version of me. She is so caring, kind and open. She is beautiful and glowing, and I love her to death.”

Jackson placed employee in rehab
It might seem ironic now, but Michael Jackson was so intolerant of drug use that he placed an employee in rehab just two months before his death, according to someone with direct knowledge of the incident.

“This employee was showing up late, and clearly on some sort of drug — whether they were prescription drugs or otherwise, Michael didn’t even know. All he knew is that this person was in no shape to work,” the source said. “Michael had him fired but had the employee immediately put into rehab. Michael hated, hated when people were under the influence of any kind of drugs or alcohol. He was not tolerant of having drug users around him.”

Jackson’s stance on any sort of drug use is part of why those close to him remain incredulous that he was using Propofol during the final weeks of his life. “It came as a total surprise to the people closest to him. We had no idea,” said the source.

No ‘Real Housewives’ for Sarah Palin
Even before Sarah Palin announced that she’d be stepping down as Alaska’s governor, Bravo execs were tossing around the idea of whether Palin could be a participant in “Real Housewives of Washington, D.C.” Obviously, she’d have to take up residence in D.C., but if that transpired, the show was definitely interested in having her participate.

Palin, however, would have declined, according to a staffer who works closely with Palin. “She definitely would have said no,” said the staffer. “She really wants a job in policy.”

Read this, watch that
Movie recommendations are rare here. Since I’m not a fan of the talking animal genre or the or the Johnny-come-lately-super-sequel, the herd of possibility is pretty thin, which makes my “watch that” recommendation all the more poignant. I implore you: Seek out “In The Loop,” IFC Films’ new, exceedingly smart comedy. What happens: A British prime minister makes a verbal misstep during an American interview that makes it sound like he’s backing U.S.-led war in the Middle East. The writing is genius, the dialogue the sharpest and funniest I’ve seen in film in quite some time. If it’s not playing near you, IFC has it On Demand.

The “read this” recommendation is far less funny: Dave Eggers’ newest book, the non-fiction “Zeitoun,” follows a family through their experience with Hurricane Katrina. As someone who remains proud to have called New Orleans home for some time, I can fairly say that Eggers portrays the people and the city in a way richer and more honest than any tome I’ve read about New Orleans. It isn’t a book about Katrina, per se, but one about how human character intersects with the character of a place unlike any other.

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