Sean Hayes and Jane Lynch: “Three Stooges” Movie is Good, Eye-Poking Fun

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We’ve got the early word from a Stooge and a nun: the Farrelly Brothers’ take on “The Three Stooges” movie sounds like a lot of fun so far – at least for the folks starring in it.

“I just finished wrapping 'The Stooges' a few weeks ago,” Sean Hayes, who stars as Larry alongside Will Sasso (Curly) and Chris Diamantopoulos (Moe) in the film, tells PopcornBiz. “I've never laughed so hard in my life,” says Hayes. I saw some early clips and it looks fantastic.”

Neither a biopic nor a remake, Hayes says the Farrellys’ dream project instead tries to recreate the onscreen antics of the iconic comedy trio for a modern audience. “It's a contemporary restructuring of the classic shorts, so we're trying our best to emulate the spirit of those three guys while conducting a contemporary story,” explains Hayes. “I spent a LOT of time watching 'Stooges' shorts.”

“The Stooges are played brilliantly by Sean, Chris and Will,” says co-star Jane Lynch. They’re amazing in it and they’re going to be big stars from this.” Lynch plays the benevolent Mother Superior overseeing the orphanage where the Stooges were raised. “They’re what, about 45 and they’re still in the orphanage?” she laughs. “I’m almost, if you will, the heart. She’s beneficent and she really loves the boys and she’s very aware of their limitations, but they are sent out into the world because they have to try to save the orphanage. And I’m rather reluctant to let them go and at the same time it’s good riddance because they’re trouble.”

“Larry David plays the other nun – he’s hilarious – and Jennifer Hudson, too,” adds Lynch. Also appearing in the film are Sophia Vergara, Stephen Collins and Craig Bierko, as well as the cameo-ing cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

“We had great co-stars in the movie,” Hayes. “We were very, very lucky to have so many people interested and wanting to explore the Stooges again with us…It was an incredible privilege working with the Farrelly Brothers, who also shared the kind of love of where a lot of people say that comedy began, because nobody had ever seen anything kind of like, that forceful, slapstick physical comedy. I live for that kind of stuff and I love that.”

Love? Even after endless raps to the head, fingers to the eyes and slaps across the face? “Let’s say that the injuries have healed by now,” says Hayes.


"The Three Stooges" is currently in production, and will be released in 2012.

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