Secret Social App Wickr Gets $30 Million

Mobile social app Wickr raised $30 million from investors even in a crowded messaging-app market, according to reports.
Wickr, like Snapchat, offers self-destructing messages and images, but is also injected with "high-tech encryption" to keep messages from being seen by both the government or others, according to the Wall Street Journal. Wickr was created by Nico Sell who apparently tries to maintain secrecy by obscuring her face with sunglasses and not giving out a phone number or email address.
Investors decided the app was worthy of $30 million despite a host of other similar apps, so perhaps they see something in Wickr that's a little different than Snapchat or WhatsApp.
Sell, known as  the organizer of hacker staple Def Con, founded Wickr to give everyone "government-grade encryption" but now the app sends out a million messages a day and is proving popular.However, the free app's strength is that it's based on a "proprietary type of encryption" that cannot be duplicated or decoded. 
But is that possible? Critics say that it's impossible to have encryption that can remain secret and simple to use, and if that's the case Wickr's days are numbered.
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