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'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli Goes After Chris Evans Following Twitter War With Patton Oswalt

Martin Shkreli went after Captain America himself when Chris Evans chimed in voicing support for Oswalt in a vulgarity strewn tweet directed at the "Avengers" actor

This time the notorious 'pharma bro' may have bitten off more than he can chew.

After getting into a Twitter duel with actor/comedian Patton Oswalt earlier in the week, Martin Shkreli went after Captain America himself in a series of vulgar tweets challenging Chris Evans for voicing support for Oswalt.

"Comedian gets a pass because wife died but you @chrisEvans, I'll f------ destroy. Pretty boy, s----for-brains. Think your Thoughts matter?"

Patton's wife Michelle died unexpectedly in her sleep in April at age 46. Last month, Oswalt penned a heart-wrenching note on Facebook detailing his depression and grief over the sudden loss.

Patton and Oswalt crossed swords on Twitter Tuesday, when Shkreli, universally scorned for hiking up the price of HIV medication as the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, jumped to the defense of Donald Trump, whom Patton was aiming a series of barbed tweets against. Shkreli trolled Patton with "who are you again?" and it escalated into a series of back and forth barbs between the two men.

That Twitter feud quieted Tuesday after Shkreli backed down and apologized to Oswalt, but reignited when Evans chimed in to support the actor. Shkreli pounced quickly on the "Avengers" actor.

"Come to Brooklyn and I'll introduce you to the real Captain America and a couple of f----- roundhouses if you say my name again @chrisevans."

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