Simple Fix Would Make Typing on IPad More Pleasant

Daniel Hooper has just one question for Apple and that is, if the iPad is the pioneer of the post-PC world, then why does editing text on it suck so much? Rather than complain about it, he came up with an idea that speeds up typing and editing.

This simple fix would make typing on iPad so much more pleasant.

Hooper explains that typing with the iPad's default virtual keyboard is a nightmare (there's also a split keyboard now). He's right. If you want to edit a word, you have to tap the word, then bring up the magnifying glass to move the cursor to where you want it to be, then make your edit.

The flaw, Hooper notes is that the iPad's soft keyboard doesn't have arrow keys for fast cursor hopping. You can use any Bluetooth keyboard to get around this, but by default, moving your cursor around is a painful chore.

Hooper's solution is to use a single finger drag gesture to move the cursor, a double finger drag to move faster and then a double finger drag plus holding the Shift key to select text.

It's elegant, smart, very intuitive and we like it a lot. If only it were real. Hooper's rallying people to convince Apple that this is a good feature to implement.

Directions on how to nag Apple to consider this feature and possibly add it via a future update are listed Hooper's YouTube video description. Doesn't hurt to get Apple's attention. So get nagging!

YouTube, via iDownloadBlog

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