Siri Protocol Cracked Wide Open, Android Port on the Way

The iPhone 4S's Siri is a very intriguing piece of tech. Everybody wants in on it. But sadly, nobody but the iPhone 4S will have Siri's brains — until now. A group of mobile developers claim they've cracked the Siri protocol and figured out how to "use its recognition engine on any device."

We won't get into all the hairy bits here, but basically, the guys at Applidium have Siri on the operating table and want to share what they've uncovered.

"As soon as we could put our hands on the new iPhone 4S, we decided to have a sneak peek at how it really works. Today, we managed to crack open Siri's protocol. As a result, we are able to use Siri's recognition engine from any device. Yes, that means anyone could now write an Android app that uses the real Siri! Or use Siri on an iPad! And we're goign to share this know-how with you."

Will Apple shut them down? Maybe.

You see, Applidium's devs say that the iPhone 4S "sends identifiers everywhere. So if you want to use Siri on another device, you still need the identfier of at least one iPhone 4S." Technically, the answer is yes, Apple can shut them down and possibly blacklist their identifier, but they think it'll be okay as long as its for personal use.

Interested in using Siri's protocol to make your own apps? The tinkerers have compiled a set of tools to help you do just that. Be warned though, you must know Ruby, C and Objective-C.

Boy is Apple going to be pissed when it hears about this.

Applidium, via Slashdot

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