Ski on Father’s Day at Mammoth Mountain

The Sierra ski destination has extended its 2017-2018 season once again.

Mammoth Mountain

PLAYING A ROUND OF GOLF... with your pops on Father's Day morning? Or maybe hitting the go cart oval or finding an outdoor café to hang at, all to celebrate his awesome dad-a-tude? We do have a way of finding the most summery activities to honor our fathers on their annual holiday. Which makes total sense, since Father's Day has a tried-and-true knack for popping up on the Sunday ahead of the summer solstice, as it will again in 2018. The date is June 17 — surely you're already shopping for the best present in the world — but there's a fresh twist to making a summer-inspired plan. Of course, if your dad digs golf, or heading for a swim park, by all means, go with his wishes, but check it out: Mammoth Mountain has extended its ski season right through to June 17. Make that "at least" June 17, which means that you and your father and the whole family and your friends, too, could be schussing just days ahead of summer's arrival.

THE WINTER OF 2017-2018... was a little on the light-of-snow side, but spring kicked it up several notches, with March delivering, again and again, on the base-building front. So, now that we're a month out from Father's Day, and the newly announced closure date for Mammoth (yes, it could be extended again), check out this intriguing stat: The summit is rocking a base of 85 inches, which is the "... most in the country, outside of the Mt. Hood resorts," says a Mammoth representative. Also good to know beyond the 85" at the summit and the June 17 date? That Tioga Pass, which connects the Eastern Sierra to Yosemite and beyond, is reopening on Monday, May 21 at 9 a.m., woot woot. That's a sign of summer, for sure, but winter is still reveling up above 11,000 feet at good ol' Mammoth. Best get your pre-summer skiing in, with dad or your pals, before the solstice arrives. But who knows? Maybe Mammoth'll push right into summertime, officially? Stay tuned...

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