Skype: Google Voice Will Always Be Cheaper

Phone and video-conferencing service Skype said that it never expected to offer the best price against rival Internet telephony companies Google Voice or Vonage.

"We've never said we'll be the cheapest," Neil Stevens, Skype's vice president and general manager of products and marketing told Forbes. Skype said it has no plans to cut its current prices.

The news is even more true now that Google has dropped rates and expanded into 150 global destinations. Stevens said discounting rates would lower Skype's overall call quality.

And if you believe that, we may have have some Symbian cellphones to sell you. It's obvious that Skype has no interest in lowering international calling rates -- which may have something to do with focusing so much of its business on video. Or it may be that Microsoft (now Skype's owner) has no interest in battling head-to-head with Google, and instead will fight the search titan by strengthening its partnership with rival Facebook.

Whatever the case, don't expect cheaper rates from Skype.

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