Smithsonian Raises $170,000 for Yoga Exhibit Through Crowd-Funding

The Smithsonian exceeded its crowd-funding goal of $125,000 for a yoga exhibit.

The Smithsonian wants to highlight the history of yoga with a special exhibit opening in October at the Freer and Sackler galleries, and it sought ordinary citizens' help to fund the unique exhibit.

The Smithsonian raised more than $170,000 for the exhibit, receiving money from more than 600 donors, including a $70,000 donation from Whole Foods.

The many forms of yoga have influenced many cultures for thousands of years. In America, it's moved from edgy to mainstream with millions of practitioners for both mental and physical health. Exhibit Curator Debra Diamond told News4 whole societies have risen and fallen with the power and mystical aspects of yoga.

The exhibit is the first to depend on a unique online fundraising campaign, which began May 29.

“I thought yoga was a natural because community has been part of it for centuries,” Diamond said.

Supporters can learn more, donate and download campaign materials beginning later this month at or by emailing

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