Snapchat Isn't About Teen Sexting, Founder Says

Snapchat, an ephemeral photo-sharing app is trying to change the perception of the company as a teen sexting platform. “It’s not a good way to send inappropriate photos,” Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel told an audience at the San Francisco Techcrunch Disrupt conference Monday.

The mobile messaging app sends photos that self-destruct within 10 seconds and about 350 million of these photo messages are circulated every day on Snapchat, according to CNN. The self-destructing aspect of photos tends to skew towards what CNN calls the “naughty,” but Spiegel admitted that many people can take a screenshot (which we reported in February) or hackers can gain access to photos.

Spiegel does want more adults to join his army of 13- to 23-year-olds and wants to jump into the wearable computer market with an app for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Snapchat Micro. He hopes to gain revenue by in-app purchases. 

Spiegel wants most everyone to know that Snapchat is a “wholesome app” good for the entire family. At least until you see your teenage son or daughter’s account.

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