So this “Gritty Fairy Tale” Trend Is Sticking Around, Huh? First “Jack the Giant Killer” Teaser

How long until "Humpty Dumpty: Rise of the Fallen" or "David Fincher's B3ars"?

In other words - this whole "dark, broody fairy tale" trend is getting a little ridiculous.

We understand something - anything - has to usurp comic book superheroes as the "it" source material, but really? Little Red Riding Hood as a gothic "Twilight" rip-off? Snow White as an armor-clad warrior princess? And now an explosive action spectacle about....Jack and the Beanstalk? 

Looks like it. Empire Online has the first trailer for "Jack the Giant Killer" (oh how low the once mighty Bryan Singer has fallen), and it's an odd mix of "Lord of the Rings," "The Tudors," and "Gremlins" ("Don't get the beans wet. And don't feed them after midnight.")

The film comes out next June, and boasts a head-scratchingly high level of talent including Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Ian MacShane, Bill Nighy, andf Nicholas Hoult.

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