Apple's Founding Documents Fetch Pretty Penny

Three pages of typewriter paper is all it is but today it was auctioned off at a shiny $1,350,000 price tag.

On April 1, 1976, Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak all lent their signatures to the documents entitled "Apple Computer Company Partnership Agreement."

Apple's founding documents went up for auction this morning at Sotheby's in New York.

Wade Saadi, the founder and chief executive officer of Pencom Systems Inc., was the former owner of the documents.

He spoke with Bloomberg Television's "In Business" host Margaret Brennan about why he decided to to sell them now.

He said he hasn't told many that he had the documents but when Jobs passed away in October, his phone began to ring from a few who knew he had the papers.

Sotheby's originally valued the paperwork at $150,000.  You can watch the full report and get a look at the documents yourself below.

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