Sprint Confirms Unlimited Data Plan for iPhone 4S

Sprint announced that it will offer an unlimited data plan for the new iPhone 4S.

Sprint has used its unlimited data plan as a way to stand out from its competition -- notably AT&T and Verizon, AllThingsD reported. From the piece:

“We will be offering the benefit of our unlimited plans that start at just $69.99,” said spokeswoman Michelle Leff Mermelstein. Sprint’s $69.99 plan includes unlimited data and 450 voice minutes as well as unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling. Unlimited calling and data costs $99.99 a month. (Update: Those prices don’t include a $10 per month surcharge for smartphones, so iPhone users will really be paying $79.99 and $109.99 for their unlimited plans.)

While some worried that Sprint's network may not be able to handle the deluge of iPhone customers, Sprint said it would have no problems on its 3G network. In areas like San Francisco, saturated with AT&T and Verizon, Sprint users may actually find they have better reception because there's less competition for the network, AppleInsider suggested.

We think $109.99 is a bit high, but if you're a heavy user then an unlimited data plan is the only way to go. We've never used a Sprint phone, either, so you will have to let us know how the network has worked for you and if it's worth the price.

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