Sprint’s Unlimited 4G LTE Network to Draw Data Hogs in Droves


Are you looking for an all-you-can use 4G LTE data plan? It looks like once again, Sprint, will be your only option. The carrier has confirmed that it will provide unlimited 4G LTE to its customers without data caps.

According to Techhog, a Sprint PR spokesperson has confirmed that the carrier's network will provide true uncapped 4G LTE data.

The selection of smartphone options will be slim at first — Sprint's first 4G LTE device will be the LG Viper 4G LTE — but dude, you have to get it while unlimited is still hanging around.

When compared to Verizon's 1GB ($20) 2GB ($30), 5GB ($50) and 10GB ($80) plans or AT&T's 250MB ($15), 3GB ($30) and 5GB ($50) plans, Sprint's data buffet is perfect for video streaming hogs. No more freaking out about going over your monthly data allowance.

And if the new super fast 4G LTE iPad ever makes its way to Sprint, you can bet your seahorses that Sprint could steal a lot of customers away from Big Red and the Old Bell.

Every major carrier might have moved on to tiered data plans, but good ol' Sprint is still sticking to its unlimited guns. Good for them.

Via Techhog

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