Star Wars Fan's ‘Stupid Mistake' Led to Arrest

A Star Wars fan is regretting the scheme that got him arrested on charges of impersonating a federal officer while pretending he was an Air Force fugitive-hunter to get into a fantasy convention.

Utah-resident Jonathan Wall, 29, was indicted Wednesday. He told NBC News he "made a stupid mistake."

Wall made it into the VIP area of the convention, but was arrested after raising a security guard's suspicions. He was also charged with making a false statement to a federal agent at Salt Lake Comic Con in Salt Lake City, which drew 120,000 devotees of comics, science-fiction and anime.

"I had this bright idea to tell them I was with the [Air Force Office of Special Investigations] and that we were looking for a certain person," said Wall, an Air Force refrigerator mechanic, in a telephone interview.

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