What Do Charlie Sheen and CA Technology Have in Common?

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The Capitol Weekly has an unintentionally hilarious story about a big effort to get all the different state technology platforms, and softwares and databases to work together.

Having computers that can talk to each other -- and data that can be accessed in one place -- is a very urgent matter for the state.

So urgent that this program will take.... wait for it.... 12 years to put in place.

And that's assuming all goes well.

Of course, nothing has gone well when it comes to state technology. Just one example: the controller's office can't make changes to state workers' paychecks with any degree of ease because the payroll system is too old and dysfunctional.

Waiting for the state to get its technology act together is like waiting for Charlie Sheen to clean up his act.

Ain't gonna happen.

And so the state -- which, you might remember, is broke -- is spending $1.6 billion so that all the old, ineffective technologies used by different parts of the government can talk to each other.

In 2023.

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