Steve Jobs Tentatively Slated to Make 2015 Stamp Debut

Apple founder and visionary Steve Jobs is scheduled for a commemorative stamp in 2015, according to an announcement from the United States Postal Service.

The U.S. Post Office's Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee released its latest approved subjects, which included Janis Joplin, Shirley Chisholm, winter flowers and Harvey Milk. Steve Jobs was slated for a stamp in 2015 along with Johnny Carson, Peanuts and James Brown. 

However, the stamp isn't a done deal, according to CNN, and may be subject to change. 

"The postal service is looking to bring more timely, relevant, contemporary subjects to stamps ... pop-culture subjects appealing to younger audiences," USPS spokesman Roy Betts said. "It creates excitement."
The post office sells commemorative stamps to raise money. It's most popular stamp, one of rock n' roll legend Elvis Presley, was its bestseller and the agency will reissue it again in 2015. 
Jobs would be the first person from the computer and high tech industry to make it on a stamp, but apparently he deserves it. "Steve Jobs made major contributions and is worthy of this recognition," Betts said.
However, there are no guarantees the listed names will make it to an envelope in the next two years. The list will be winnowed down to 35 and will have to be approved by the postmaster general.
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