Steve Jobs' Widow Backing New Journalism Site Ozy Media

The widow of Steve Jobs is quietly backing a new journalism site catering to the younger generation.

Laurene Powell Jobs and other Silicon Valley backers are bankrolling Ozy Media, a Mountain View, Calif.-based startup created by veteran TV journalist Carlos Watson, according to Fortune.

Watson said the news will be catered to the "change generation," or readers who embrace change. We're reading that as younger intellectuals, likely living in or near San Francisco and New York City.

Powell declined to be interviewed but is not only an investor but also a board member of the startup. Other investors include "super angel" Ron Conway, CEO Dan Rosensweig, and David Drummond, Google's legal chief.
Watson, Ozy's founder and editor-in-chief, was once an MSNBC news anchor and hopes to create a site with "quality writing, smart storytelling and arresting design." 
The news here is that Powell has kept her life fairly private and her investment in a new startup runs counter to that, especially since she's now sitting on the company's board. Perhaps this signals a new life for her and other startups in Silicon Valley.
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