Style Up and Go Modernism Week in Palm Springs

It's longer than a week, and the focus goes well beyond the gorgeous buildings seen on its architecture tours.

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YOU MAY OWN A BOOMERANG COFFEE TABLE, and an avocado green shift dress, and a 1964 two-toned Ford Mustang, and a dining room light fixture that's straight from the atomic age. But you may long daily for more inspiration, more art, more ideas, and to hobnob and know other people who are as interested in mid-century style and design as you are. Certainly, those people can be found in online forums, and connecting with a like-minded someone involves but a few keystrokes nowadays. But what if you could go to a place that's a real-world wonderland of mid-century architecture, and what if you could delve into a host of tours and talks and shopping events and social happenings, all within the beautiful borders of this fabled Mid-CenturyLand? Well, it isn't actually called Mid-CenturyLand, of course. It's Palm Springs, as you already guessed, and its major mid-century gathering,

MODERNISM WEEK, has opened for its zazzy, panache-packed 2018 run. It's not a week, either, but a week-plus, meaning you can visit the desert through Sunday, Feb. 25 to experience a plethora of educational and delight-inducing pleasures. On the docket for the wintertime meet-up? Bunches of bashes, but note that many are now sold-out. What's not, as of this typing? The Steel & Glass 2018 Home Tour, Sagewood: A Donald Wexler Tour, Charles Phoenix: Addicted to Americana, the Palm Springs Modernism Show & Sale, an Architectural Bike Ride, Top Chef Brooke Williamson Demo, and Shag's "The Imposters" Print Release Party with The Martini Kings playing live. There are several more still-open events, too, so check the schedule before hopping into your Ford Mustang and donning your '60s-era shades. It's just about the mid-century-iest gathering anywhere, and it is not to be missed if you're a die-hard devotee of the fabulous form.

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