Daytime Emmy Awards to Air Tonight

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The Daytime Emmy Awards are not a very big deal, which is why they're airing on the CW and broadcasting out of the Orpheum instead of the Kodak, but that's not to say the show is without its entertainment value. For instance, Vanessa Williams is hosting and is going to be doing a choreographed dance with Gilles Marini. That's a thing, right? Who doesn't love Vanessa Williams? And if by very small chance you even know who Gilles Marini is, who doesn't have perfectly benign feelings towards him? Also, Sesame Street is getting a lifetime achievement award, and Big Bird and several other Sesame Street characters will be on hand to accept. Sure. All of this is perfectly harmless and minding its own business. Can't hate on that, and True Blood doesn't start until halfway through it anyway. Might as well.

The Daytime Emmy Awards air on the CW tonight at 8 PM.

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