“Superman” Female Lead Search Down to Eve, Pike and Kruger


Everyone got in a twist when it was learned that the new Superman is a foreigner. Just wait until they find out that the Man of Steel's leading lady is too--and it's not Lois Lane.

Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike are the finalists to play the as yet unidentified character, according to Variety. Forget everything you've read about Kristen Stewart and Rachel McAdams, as the powers that be don't want an actress whose name recognition will overshadow the hero.

So if it's not Lois Lane, who is the female lead? The Playlist guesses it's Cat Grant, a Daily Planet gossip columnist and one-time corner of a love triangle with Lois and Clark.

A lack of fame as a prerequisite is in Eve's favor and she is closest to new the Superman Henry Cavill's age, but she's probably the least proven actress of the three.

Pike showed amazing range opposite Paul Giamatti in "Barney's Version," as his third and last wife, and gave a beautifully subtle turn in "An Education." And as a former Bond Girl, she's comfortable doing action.

Kruger's probably as accomplished as Pike, also has experience doing action--in "Inglorious Basterds"--and has the most gravitas of the three. Smart money goes on the German.

This will be settled soon enough, as well as the casting of the villain, as director Zack Snyder and "godfather" Chris Nolan want to begin shooting this summer.

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