Surfin’ Santa at Seaport Village

The Jolly Ol' Elf makes his oh-so-California entrance at the shop-filled destination.

Seaport Village

SANTA'S RED OUTFIT, with its iconic hat and shiny buckle and big boots, is something we can describe well, while most of us have a handle on what his sleigh looks like (it has room enough for a multitude of toys, plus it has a few extra seats for any elves who might be traveling with Mr. Claus). And how would we say St. Nick makes his grand arrival? There are a few ways to tell that part of the tale, from describing how his reindeer easily alight upon a snowy rooftop to discussing Santa's love of using a chimney for entry. But sometimes the North Pole's most famous resident likes to change it up a bit, and definitely when calling upon quirky California. While we're not disputing that Santa Claus lands on snowy rooftops in the Golden State, and definitely around the mountains, he also likes to come ashore, either with the help of a trusty boat or kayak or a surfboard. And one of the best-known spots to see Santa and his surfboard is in...

SAN DIEGO... just after Thanksgiving. That's when Surfin' Santa makes his cameo, and while he has left the red suit at home, and traded it for board shorts and a tropics-style shirt, he has the moxie and merriness that we expect from St. Nick. Do note that in 2016 Santa's on-the-water transport will be a speedboat, but he'll have his six-foot surfboard nearby for photographs once he's on land. The Holiday Hipsters will also be around at the Saturday, Nov. 26 event, providing "eclectic" carols, and eco-nice ornament-making will keep young visitors busy at the tables. But should you show in your own surf wear? That's up to you, of course. Just knowing that you live in a state that sports a Surfin' Santa should provide inspiration, and expand how we think of Santa's usual ways of making a splashy entrance.

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