Suspect Offers Handshake, Stabs Man 4 Times

A falsely apologetic gesture turned violent in Mission Beach


A man was stabbed by a stranger while sitting on his Mission Beach patio, according to San Diego Police.

Early Sunday morning around 3:45 a.m., the victim was hanging out with a few friends on his patio in the 3300 block of Ocean Front Walk.

Two men in their early 20s walked into the private patio, asking to join them.

Police said the victim was not comfortable with strangers letting themselves into his area, so he asked them to leave.

Appearing apologetic, one of the suspects offered to shake the victim’s hand.

When the victim agreed and grabbed his hand, the suspect pulled him close and stabbed him four times in his wrist, shoulder and back, police said.

The suspects then walked away on Ocean Front Walk, while the victim was taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

The stabbing suspect was wearing a baseball cap and gold jacket, witnesses told police.

SDPD detectives will continue the investigation.

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