Study: Tablet Users Are Over 30, Rich and Employed Full-Time

A new study shows that it's not young people adopting tablets, but adults aged 30-49 and making $75,000 or more a year.

A Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism piloted the study in conjunction with the Economist Group, and found that 77 percent of the 1,159 users polled use their tablet daily and for news. Although only 14 percent said they pay for news content, another 23 percent already have subscriptions that grant them digital access.

However, the study also says these are "early adopters," and that tablet users will probably better reflect the general population as tablet prices come down, according to CNN. Most of the tablet users are employed full-time -- at a much higher rate than the general population (62 vs. 44 percent.)

Tablet computer use is still relatively small, at only about 11 percent of the population. We agree that as prices come down, or the economy improves, tablet computers will gain more marketshare. Unfortunately for most struggling families, a tablet computer doesn't make much sense. Few in financial straits are willing to purchase another wireless device when a smartphone is already in the home.

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