Taliban Commanders Hideout in Pakistan City

The Pakistani Taliban have migrated from secluded mountains tribal badlands to the ghettos of the country's largest city. Karachi, Pakistan's economic epicenter has become the new hideaway for the Taliban, where they can blend in quite easily. “The unplanned slums on the fringes of the city and it’s various ethnic enclaves provide the perfect cover for these guys. They come from the mountains, maybe get a shave, and just disappear,” said Major General Rizwan Akhtar of the Sindh Rangers. Security forces are struggling for their own safety as the Taliban increase the ferocity and nature of their attacks, specifically on Thursday and Friday; totaling over 50 injured. Karachi is also a key port of exit for billions of dollars worth of military hardware that U.S. and NATO forces will be trucking out of neighboring Afghanistan as the drawdown intensifies.

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