“Tangled” Up in Blue “Tron: Legacy” Footage

The folks at Disney are making a massive push this fall with "Secretariat," "Tangled" and "Tron: Legacy" all coming between now and the new year. In an effort to get folks talking about them--but not too much-- the studio invited a bunch of folks to check out footage from each yesterday in Midtown Manhattan.

Sean Bailey, Disney's head of Motion Picture Production was on hand to emcee the event, which began with a 30-second TV spot for "Secretariat." If you haven't seen this yet, you probably don't own a TV. It's a classic Disney "unbelievable but true!" sports story, this one about the last horse to win the Triple Crown.

Next up was the trailer "Tron: Legacy" in glorious 3D, and we'll warn you now, those discs come flying right at you, we're man enough to admit we flinched. That was followed by another 20 minutes of "Tron" footage, which, despite being shown in 2D, was absolutely mind-bending.

Finally, there was a full-length, but not quite finished version of "Tangled," the studio's retelling of the classic story of Rapunzel, a beautiful young woman with impossibly long hair who is trapped in a tower. What made this version so fascinating was that it was presented with footage at all stages of production, from simple storyboard drawings to full-blown color and light, albeit not in 3D. It was a pretty amazing peek behind the green curtain.

Bailey requested that no reviews be written as what was shown was not nearly complete, which is reasonable. But we feel comfortable in telling you that parts of it looked stunning and that two-time Tony winner Donna Murphy is great as the villainness, Mother Gothel.

"Secretariat" opens Friday, "Tangled" arrives Nov. 24, and "Tron: Legacy" opens Dec. 17.

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