Actress Taryn Manning Is Poised to Show Some Force on “Hawaii Five-O”

Mitchell Layton, Getty Images

Taryn Manning may play the less crime-savvy sister of Det. Steve McGarrett on "Hawaii Five-O," but she's prepping to expand her role should duty call.

The actress said she's been hard at work on the Hawaiian set of the heavily promoted CBS show and her producers are attempting to give her character a bit more depth beyond emotional ballast.

"They are establishing her with a skill set," Manning told PopcornBiz. "We're starting to see that she's really good on computers."

"She's off on her own Nancy Drew little mission to figure out stuff about her own family."

Manning jetted off the Hawaiian set of "5-0" to speak to us from the premiere of her heart-wrenching drama "Love's Rain," where she plays the victim of a terrible crime. But back in Hawaii, she's all about the new CBS crime-fighting show that premieres on Sept. 20.

So could the "5-0" show's producers have a greater plan for her character? Perhaps make her part of the crime busting team as the season progresses? "I think she could be," Manning said. "She's got the skills."

The actress will be introduced to the series as McGarrett's (Alex O'Loughlin) estranged sister brought into the scene due to a family drama. Sister for now, perhaps more in the future.

To answer the inevitable follow-up, Manning replies, "Yes, I'm good with a gun."

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