Teen With Cancer Inspires Others Through Blogging About ‘Bucket List' Adventures

"I was probably this positive but the diagnosis might have opened my eyes and figured out life's real," Simon Jones said.

With a two-week cross-country adventure, his family by his side and his positivity guiding him, 17-year-old Simon Jones is achieving his "extreme bucket list" to retaliate against his cancer.

Supported by Jetpack America in Friday's adventure, Jones rose above Newport Beach using a jet pack while looking like a teenage superhero. But Jones is no ordinary teenager, despite his ongoing battle with cancer, he maintains second in his class and continues to hold a positive attitude; making him a hero to other children battling the disease.

"I was probably this positive but the diagnosis might have opened my eyes and figured out life's real," Jones said.

The adventurous teen was diagnosed with desmoplastic small round cell tumor in January 2013. For nearly four years, Jones has undergone four different types of chemotherapy, several surgeries and has had radiation treatment three different times. He recently received news that his cancer has spread to his lymph nodes.

Desmoplastic small round cell tumor is a type of soft-tissue sarcoma that can cause tumors in the abdomen and pelvis area. This form of cancer is aggressive, and often resists treatment.

"Overall his spirits are awesome," Simon's father Matt Jones said. "He's a blessing and we're inspired by him every day."

Simon blogs about his bucket list adventures on his Facebook page "Simon Says: Live a Better Life."

His blog includes a recent rock climbing trip for the first time in Clear Creek Canyon, a sky-jump off the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas and ziplining in Moab, Utah. He records his adventures with his GoPro camera.

Despite his already memorable adventures, using a jet pack was thrilling for Jones.

"It was amazing," he said. "One of the coolest things I've ever done."

Jones wants to share his positivity with the world and hopes to help others who may have struggles of their own.

"I'm making this blog because I need to make this world a better place, and I need to start now," Jones said in a blog post from Aug. 23. "I am going to die, whether my death is soon because of cancer or if it is later because of who knows what, so I am going to make this blog as way to give people advice and ideas that will be able to help the world even after my death."

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