The Battle of the Snows White Continues: “Mirror, Mirror” Trailer Debuts

A few days ago, we got our first taste of "Snow White and the Huntsman," a gritty, "Lord of the Rings"-like take on the classic fairy tale starring Kristen Stewart as Snow White-by-way-of-Joan-of-Arc, Chris Hemsworth ("Thor") as the broad-shouldered woodsman, and Charlize Theron as a vampiric Evil Queen. It looked dark and violent and intense and we wondered how Tarsem Singh's ("Immortals") take - "Mirror, Mirror" - would match up.

Now we know. And if nothing else, at least Tarsem has decided to go in a VERY different direction with give his Snow White.

How different? How about "bubble gum-colored slapstick comedy musical" different? 

We get a hint of a Bollywood-esque dance sequence, stylized forests, and Julia Roberts as an Evil Queen who is less "youth-inhaling Succubus" and more "Real Housewife of Never Never Land." She's cartoonishly vain and petty. Not so much "evil" as "bitchy."

Oh, and there's a "Scarface"/"Say Hello to my little friend" joke involving the Dwarfs.So there you go.

Who knows which one will end up striking a chord with audiences, but if nothing else there are at least two very distinct flavors of Snow White coming your way.

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