The Cast of “The Closer” Prepare to Spin-Off into “Major Crimes”

Tonight, "The Closer" begins its final season - but fans needn't worry, because its spin-off is already picking up where the TNT drama leaves off. Immediately following "The Closer's" premiere comes "Major Crimes." 

“I guess we'll all have more to do now,” co-star Tony Dennison (aka Det. Andrew Flynn) tells PopcornBiz of the network’s recently confirmed decision to follow up the series finale of its hit crime drama with a new show featuring much of the current "Closer" cast, following star Kyra Sedgwick’s exit after seven seasons. “We're already an ensemble, but we'll be an ensemble on steroids.”

“I don't have any copies of any scripts,” says Dennison of the progress of putting the sequel/spinoff series – which will star "Closer" Season Five addition Mary McDonnell’s Det. Sharon Ryan – together so far. “All I can say is that it's going to be an even more in-depth look at how crimes are brought to justice, how criminals and the crimes are solved and how the criminals are brought to justice, and the machinations that go on between the DA's Office and the police department and the lawyers.”

“There will probably be more courtroom stuff than there ever was on 'The Closer,'” says Dennison. “It'll be hopefully be a seamless exit or transition from Kyra leaving 'The Closer' into the new show with Mary and G. W. Bailey, myself and Corey Reynolds and all the other guys – Ray Cruz and Michael Paul Chan.”

The actor says that “Major Crimes” is expected to continue to focus on the personal lives of the central characters along with its procedural plotlines. “That's [creator] James Duff for you: character matters. We have great characters working in really good plots, so you can't miss when you have that formula. It's very hard to do, but James seems to have been successful at it.”

Meanwhile, the cast members are gradually prepping themselves for a Kyra-less existence with more than a little personal difficulty. “You work with someone for seven years, I mean that's a long time,” says Dennison. “It's like, 'Okay, now you go on with life without her,' but yeah, we'll miss her.”


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