The History and Evolution of Google Search in 6 Minutes

Google's come a long way from being just an online search company. Although it has its fingers in Android, Chrome, Google TV, Google+ and a million other projects, its special trick is and will always online search. Google made this six minute video to show the progress of its search business since 1996.

It's hard to fathom that things we take for granted (or as a nuisance) in Google search such as advertisements were non-existent back in the 1990s. Remember when Google couldn't even search for images? Remember when Google News was still really crappy?

Oh, memories.

Nobody outside of Google knows the secret algorithm sauce that keeps the search engine going, but it's clear that Larry Page and his engineers and computer scientists want the future of search to be even smarter and faster than it is today. Ten years from now, we'll probably wonder how anybody lived without Google Instant.

Via YouTube (Thanks Danny!)

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