The Hoff Laughs as Roast Gets Personal

Drunken "cheeseburger" incident fodder for Comedy Central takedown

Now there's nothing that David Hasselhoff can't laugh at himself about.

The "Baywatch" star, whose battle with the bottle went viral with a 2007 video showing him writhing drunk and shirtless on the floor begging for a cheeseburger, laughed about the incident at a Comedy Central roast. The YouTube clip drew more than a billion viewers, all clicking to see the beloved-by-Germans singer and erstwhile talent judge's rock bottom moment. Prior to Sunday's taping, which airs Aug. 15, Hasselhoff had never addressed the infamous video.

 "I've been waiting for a forum to talk about where I'm at," Hasselhoff told Popeater backstage at the event. " I didn't do it in the beginning because I was in a very personal matter and it involved the custody of my children."

Emcee Seth MacFarlane hit The Hoff hard.

"How do you make jokes about a joke? How do you embarrass a man who so thoroughly embarrasses himself?" MacFarlane asked. "How do you put someone down when they are already lying shirtless on the floor."

Former 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant Jeffrey Ross piled on.

"I'm so relieved you're wearing a shirt tonight because it will be so much easier than picking the vomit out of your chest hair later," he said.

"Baywatch" co-star and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson didn't spare her old pal, either.

"David I have to say, when I saw the video of you lying on the floor - drunk, broken down, cheeseburger meat falling from your mouth - I felt so sad," said Anderson. "For that cow."

Afterward, a good natured Hasselhoff insisted the event was "therapeutic."

"No one got me," he said. "I'm still laughing. My face hurts. I'm sorry it's over."

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