The IPhone Has an 89% Retention Rate

Why are all other phone makers scared of Apple? Because of stats like this: 89% of iPhone owners are planning to stick with Apple when they buy their next phone. The next best? HTC, with a paltry 39%.

The numbers just get worse from there. RIM clocks in at 33%, Samsung at 28%, Motorola at 25% and Nokia at a sad 24%.

It's a safe bet that a lot of the people saying they'll switch things up when they're next in the market for a new phone will jump ship to Apple, so these companies are desperate to figure out how to retain customers when new hardware comes up.

Unfortunately, for them, other than RIM they are all running an operating system made by another company. And when people think of their phones, they're generally thinking of the software, not the hardware. Hardware is supposed to be invisible.

But how can something invisible make an impression?

Just be glad you don't have to answer these questions.

Via Apple Insider

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