“The King's Speech” May Get Cleaned Up

"The King's Speech" seems to be a little too peppered with F-bombs for Harvey Weinstein's taste.

According to reports, the bombastic mogul wants to trim "Speech" of a few of its questionable words in order to push the film from the prohibitive "R" rating to a much more audience-friendly "PG-13."

His thinking, alleges The Los Angeles Times, is that this move will help drum up business for the film. You know, in case the pack-leading 12 Oscar nominations it just snagged fails to do so.

Weinstein also plans to alter the marketing campaign to help shed the "stuffy drama" stigma "King's Speech" appears to have.

“The message more was about the critics, but now we’re trying to get across that this classic movie is just as cool as the other movies people are seeing." 

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