“The King's Speech” Trailer Positively Begging for Oscar Consideration

"The King's Speech," starring Colin Firth as King George VI, has been tearing it up on the festival circuit, earning rave reviews everywhere it goes. Now comes the first chance for the little people to get a look at the film some think is bound for Oscar glory.

The film centers on the story of King George VI's crippling stammer and his fight to be able to speak with clarity and assurance as his country sits on the brink of World War II. Helena Bonham-Carter co-stars as his wife who brings him to a speech therapist played by Geoffrey Rush.

"Is This Your Oscar Front-runner?" asks the headline over at Vulture, and while we're not ready to give it front-runner status, just based on the trailer we'd agree it's a slam-dunk to be among the 10 film's nominated for Best Picture. The film has everything you want in an Oscar hopeful: Englishness, royalty, a physical/mental impediment, Harvey Weinstein, Nazis, triumph of the human spirit... It's the package.

All our snide jokes aside, we have to admit it looks pretty great.

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