“The Munsters” Directed By…Bryan Singer?

Bryan Singer's name has been attached to a lot of projects lately (although he has yet to hit DefCon Del Toro), but this latest one is so far out of left field it almost strains credulity.

And yet, word is that Singer will co-produce and direct a pilot for a reboot of the 1960s sitcom "The Munsters" for NBC. Yes, you read that right.

For those who were born sometime around when this post went live, "The Munsters" was about a vampiress married to Frankenstein's monster who attempt to live an ordinary, suburban life with her Dracula-like father, their werewolf-y son, and their "normal" niece.

Singer will join "Dead Like Me" and "Heroes" producer Bryan Fuller on the project, which is no doubt a response to the extremely monster-heavy current TV landscape ("Grimm," "Walking Dead," True Blood") as well as the incredible popularity of vampires (Al Lewis was the original Robert Pattinson).

Singer is no stranger to TV, acting as producer on the medical drama "House," as well as having a hand in the short-lived series "Dirty Sexy Money" and "The Triangle." He's been a little under the radar theatrically following the tepid reception of "Valkyrie" and the deafening fanboy "mehs" that greeted "Superman Returns." His next film is the fairy tale-tinged "Jack the Giant Killer," due out next year, and his name is still attached to an adaptation of "Battlestar Galactica," at least until someone explains to him what the SyFy Channel is.

Singer and Fuller's new take on the Munster clan will have to pull some serious double duty. Not only will it have to live up to the goofy but beloved original, it will have to bleach clean the memory of the disastrous 80s revival "The Munsters Today":

So start your dream casting now. Rob Riggle as Herman? Rose McGowan as Lily? Maybe they can add a twist and have the elderly in-law be Lily's mom instead of her dad, and deck Betty White out in vampire garb? We just can't wait for the "Parks and Recreation" crossover episode.

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