The PBCS Movie Standings: Clooney Gets His Revenge!

There's a change at the top our weekly PBCS Standings (NOTE: formula protected by our army of six evil cackling lawyers). You can come out of hiding, Hollywood studio execs. Christian filmmaker Alex Kendrick's reign of terror is over! Taking his spot this week is liberal lionheart George Clooney! HOORAY! The star system works! Now you can go back to deliberately ignoring a national bloc of Evangelical movie viewers starved for decent storytelling! Your box office figures look like this, according to Box Office Mojo:

1. Real Steel - $16.3M

2. Footloose - $16.1M

3. The Thing - $8.7M

4. The Ides of March - $7.5M

5. Dolphin Tale - $6.3M

6. Moneyball - $5.5M

7. 50/50 - $4.3M

8. Courageous - $3.4M

9. The Big Year - $3.3M

10. Lion King 3D - $2.7M

Again, "Real Steel" is on top, which deliberately misleads you into thinking it's somehow worth your time. Trust us: IT IS NOT. Here now are your adjusted PBCS rankings:

1. The Ides of March - 216

2. 50/50 - 194

3. Courageous - 188

4. Footloose - 126

5. Moneyball - 73

6. Dolphin Tale - 69

7. Drive - 47

8. Real Steel - 46

9. The Help - 22

10. Contagion - 12

"Ides" takes the top slot after maintaining a healthy per-screen average. At this point, it's nearly doubled its original production budget, which makes it a modest success, not unlike "50/50," "Drive," or "Courageous". All of those movies were profitable. The problem is, Hollywood isn't exactly wowed by modest success. It's a land of repulsive excess, which means you are expected to be MASSIVELY profitable, churning out movies that consistently make $4,000 million billion dollars. If studios scaled back on always trying to make big crowd fare and instead worked on developing a large number of smaller, quality films, they could probably end up having a better overall year.

Speaking of years, "The Big Year" was a huge flop, finishing out of our rankings. Ditto "The Thing," which critics hated and won't have a very long run. As for "Footloose," results were decent, but nothing you'd stage a good ol' hoedown over. Also, just for fun, I calculated the PBCS score for "The Human Centipede: Full Sequence." It got a 0.

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