In Case You Missed It: The PopcornBiz Top 10 Movies of 2010

It was a great year for documentaries, a bad one for summer blockbusters, with another late Oscar push of good to great films. We polled Team PopcornBiz to figure which were the best of the best, with 22 films receiving votes. Check 'em out...

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The PopcornBiz team submitted ballots ranking their 10 favorite movies of 2010 to determine their Best of 2010 list. 14 points were awarded for each first place vote, than 9 points for a second, 8 for 3rd, 7 for 4th and so on... Click on the film's titles to read our reviews and watch the trailers.
Stephen Vaughan
No. 1 (tie): Inception
nEasily the most talked about movie of the year—did the top fall over or not? Director Chris Nolan made an eye-popping heist film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy, in which "your mind is the scene of the crime.”
No. 1 (tie): The Social Network
Director David Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin crafted a fascinating study of betrayal, technology and America, featuring great work from Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake.
No. 3: Blue Valentine
Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams reminded everyone that they're two of the most talented young actors around, both giving fearless performances as a couple whose romance and estrangement we watch unfold in alternating scenes.
b>No. 4: True Grit
Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld hunt the man who killed her father in this hilarious and bloody tale of revenge and redemption. For most this would be a career-making film, for the Coen Brothers it’s just a minor masterpiece.
No. 5 (tie): Toy Story 3
There are a number of great sequels in film history, but this may be the greatest three-quel, a funny, smart, thoughtful meditation on God and Man, the role of Government, and the environment, but your kid has no idea.
No. 5 (tie): Animal Kingdom
Writer-director David Michod made an impressive debut with his family drama about criminals trying to change with the times. At the center of the film was a brilliant turn by Jacki Weaver as a, single-minded, cold-blooded matriarch.
No. 7: The Fighter
Director David O. Russell seamlessly weaves the stories a boxer (Mark Wahlberg), a junkie (Christian Bale), a mother (Melissa Leo), and the love of a good woman (Amy Adams), in this boxing film propelled by a great soundtrack.
No. 8 (tie): Catfish
One of the most controversial films of the year, this documentary about an Internet romance, left some with white knuckles and others crying “Bulls***!” We loved it, obviously.
No. 8 (tie): The King’s Speech
A shameless bit of Oscar bait featuring Britons, royals and disabilities. Still, it's a touching and funny story about a king (Colin Firth back in the Oscar hunt) who rises to the challenge when his country needs him most.
No. 10: Another Year
nDirector Mike Leigh offered a wrenching examination of life without any melodrama or histrionics, just a simple story about an aging couple’s family and friends. Jim Broadbent, Ruth Sheen and Lesley Manville are at their best.
To read our reviews and watch the trailers for some of the other 12 films that received votes, you can click on the titles in bold: Dogtooth, 127 Hours, Mother, The Kids Are All Right, Biutiful, Get Low, The Other Guys, Kick-Ass, The Ghost Writer, How to Train Your Dragon, The Tillman Story, Tron: Legacy .
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