The Winsome Wawona

It's not in Yosemite Valley but the landmark hotel is a beaut.

THE SEASONAL PLEASURE: We've said it before, specifically about Death Valley's Inn at Furnace Creek, the historic hotel that shutters each summer. And what we said was this: In our get-it-now world, where everything is pretty much available at a store or web site near us, there's something rather charming about a famous destination that's only open for part of the year. It summons another era, when getting places and obtaining things was a bit more cumbersome. And it is a time a lot of people still long for, especially when they need to escape the plugged-in, go-go-go world. The Wawona Hotel is definitely from that era, so much so that it still observes a partial-year schedule. And it just opened for its 2012 season.

HISTORIC CHARMS: There are so many tidbit-laden stories surrounding the veranda-laden Yosemite property, but the tale most often told is how one Theodore Roosevelt stayed there while visiting the national park. It should be noted that the Wawona does not sit in Yosemite Valley but rather not far from magnificent Mariposa Grove, which boasts many a spectacular sequoia.

Before we go, a Yosemite rep says that the Valley's waterfalls are "amazing" at the moment; no shocker, it being early April and all, but still. If you're gonna git, git, if you know what we're gittin' at. Don't dally, in other words. 

And two? If you need a brain vacation this instant, photos of the Wawona should ease that plugged-in stress. Honestly, we could stare at those peaceful verandas for an hour.

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