Things Are Getting Really Odd on “Dexter”

A show about a serial killing crime-fighting Dad is always going to be a bit odd, but "Dexter" season 5 is going a step further.

Last we left Dexter at the stunning end of season 4, his wife had been killed by a rival serial killer. So who ends up taking care of the three motherless children?

According to, it's Dexter's onscreen sister, Deb. The part is made odder by the fact that in real life that's Jennifer Carpenter who is actually married to Michael C. Hall.

So this means Hall can now introduce Carpenter as "my wife and onscreen sister who is caring for my children."

He can even add onscreen roommate.

All five members of this family are moving back into Dexter's old and small apartment.  Meanwhile Deb will have to deal with her police work and not exactly being "the most maternal person," said showrunner Chip Johannessen. "Nobody quite knows what they are doing."

"It's partially funny and partially not."

We'll see in September.

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