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This Behemoth Balloon Spider Just Spun by Great Wolf Lodge

And you can "spin" by the Garden Grove hotel to see this sizable arachnid through Halloween.

Great Wolf Lodge

What to Know

  • 12681 Harbor Boulevard in Garden Grove
  • The spider, which includes 8,165 balloons, is free to see in the hotel lobby
  • Great Wolf Lodge Southern California has a number of Halloween-themed happenings, including a Trick-or-Treat Trail

SPINNING BY A FAVORITE SPOT? If you're a human looking for happy times, "spinning by" might involve you making a quick jaunt to a delightful destination, all to find fun times for you and your family. But "spinning by" takes on a different meaning when a spider is involved, specifically a ginormous specimen that is creatively comprised of thousands of balloons. Such a wondrous specimen, a colossal creature that is far more cute than spooky, is now on picture-worthy display at Great Wolf Lodge Southern California.

A REAL-LIFE SPIDER? This isn't an actual enormous insect, the sort of eight-legged fellow that might be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but rather a huge and handsome balloon-made figure that stretches above the lobby at the Garden Grove hotel. And we weren't spinning tales when we said he is made of "thousands of balloons"; this awesome arachnid includes 8,165 air-filled orbs. He's free to see, if you're in the Anaheim/Garden Grove area, for he is right there, inside the entrance, ready to give arriving guests a bit of spider-tastic sweetness.

OTHER HALLOWEEN HAPPENINGS... are casting a wondrous web around the pool-laden family hotel through the end of October 2021. There's a Trick-or-Treat Trail to explore, a Monster Bash dance party, and a costume contest (do check dates and times regarding any special holiday events before booking your reservation). But before you scurry away to investigate a late-October stay at this fam-fun inn, check it out: The leggy lobby spider not only boasts thousands of balloons, and an adorable, fang-fantastic face, but it spans some 110 feet. Call it the very biggest spider you, or anyone, may ever encounter, which is just way, way cool.

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